Author Bio

Marilyn Dowell is a writer who takes complex subjects and presents them in a clear and lucid format.  With her highly developed research skills, she seeks to understand by thoroughly exploring her subjects.  She then organizes the information and passes new knowledge on to her readers — she’s in the knowledge business!

Marilyn enjoyed a long public service career in the field of librarianship.  She served in college and university libraries at such institutions as Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO; Maricopa County Community College District, Phoenix, AZ; and Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX.  She also served in a public library as Assistant Director of Libraries for the City of Irving, TX.

Marilyn received her M. A. from the University of Denver.  Later, a life-long learner, she enrolled in a number of post-graduate classes in management at Arizona State University, and in psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington.  She received her certification in Education & Dispute Resolution at North Lake College, Irving, TX.

Marilyn’s interest in mental disorders, specifically borderline personality disorder, is motivated by her deep and abiding love for friends and family who suffer from BPD.  She believes that through prayer and therapy her loved ones can be healed and offers that hope to her readers.  She writes from the perspective of a layperson addressing the general public.